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The ElekFleet system is based on a satellite positioning equipment (GPS Tracker) using GPRS and satellite mobile communication to send real time information about the vehicle's position .

ElekFleet is the best solution to keep you in touch and in permanent relation with the teams in the field, to follow your vehicles in real time, and to have the traceability of the activities, events and status of your fleet.

ElekFleet is a geolocation solution for vehicle fleets, which includes :

- a box installed in the vehicle

- access to a hosted web application (website) to view

and retrieve vehicle information

-parameterized reports (km, consumption, etc.) and alerts

- a price per vehicle / month, all inclusive.

It is a turnkey fleet management solution that allows, through a web portal, to locate, track and measure the activity of vehicles in all European countries. The solution also allows to send missions to the drivers and to visualize their progress.

The ElekFleet system

Fleet Management

Control your fleet and save money:
Consumption and mileage
Access to theoretical and real consumption reports per trip for each vehicle or for a group of vehicles.
Real-time alerts on predefined sites: Geofencing

Anti-theft device

With our remote immobilizer, you can:
Immobilize your vehicle
Degrade vehicle performance
Lock vehicle doors

Geolocation and real time monitoring

Our platform allows you to follow the activity of your fleet in real time:
Display the positions and status of your vehicles
Search for the nearest vehicle
Receive alerts in real time

How does it work?

A GPS/GPRS beacon must be installed on your vehicle, the beacon receives the geographical positions via geostationary satellites and sends the positions and status of the vehicle to our servers via the GPRS network of mobile operators.

With ElekFleet, you will always have an eye on your property











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